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The More You Know
the Better It Tastes.

Youre getting the idea that we love fruit. And we know a lot about it.
To help inspire us, weve adopted a credo, that, combined with our Science of Sweetness guarantees we grow, pick and sell perfectly ripe fruit.


The Science of Sweetness

Picked Ripe means our fruit is picked at the height of its ripeness, not just based on looks and taste, but also as indicated by a refractometer. This indispensable tool (to us!) measures the Brix Index, or various sugars of the fruit. Each fruit has its own value that tells us when the fruit delivers its ultimate taste. See for yourself — each of our market booths will have a refractometer to demonstrate its effectiveness. Learn More!

Peter Bought the Farm

Hes the passionate-about-delicious-fruit mastermind of Seedling Orchard in South Haven, Michigan, and Seedling Enterprises, the distribution, interactive and educational arm of the farm. Pete loves to share, so you can look forward to getting the inside scoop and ripest gossip from the Orchard, plus all the simple, creative and delicious recipes a fruit-loving food lover can serve.